Monday, January 18, 2016

Why Every Blogger Should Use Bloglovin'

Chances are that if you are a blogger then you have heard about Bloglovin'. I believe that Bloglovin' is essential for every blogger, as well as any blog reader that wants to stay updated on multiple blogs! Here's why.

So easy
Bloglovin' makes it super easy to follow all of your favorite blogs, all in one place. Think of it as being similar to Instagram, except instead of a photo, there's a blog post. Every time someone you follow publishes a new blog post, your Bloglovin' feed will be updated with a preview of the post. I downloaded the app and I always read the new posts while I eat breakfast each day!

All in one place
I personally hate having a bunch of emails in my inbox. Instead of signing up to receive emails every time a certain blogger publishes a post, you can simply follow them on Bloglovin' and check your feed whenever you have time. For me, Bloglovin' is a lot easier and it makes it simple to follow many blogs, and it's all in one place!

Find new blogs
Bloglovin' recommends new blogs to you based on the ones you follow. I love finding new blogs to read, so this is a plus for me. Of course, your blog may show up on someone else's account as one that they would like, so new people can find and read your blog!

Gain more readers
Multiple times I have stumbled across blogs on the Internet and have wanted to follow them. After I search for them on Bloglovin', I realize that they aren't registered so I can't follow them. Unfortunately, I end up checking these blogs once every couple months, or forgetting about the blogs all together ): 

If you want to make a Bloglovin' account, you can sign up here, and if you would like to follow Lots of Lys, you can click here.

Do you use Bloglovin?

This post is not sponsored by Bloglovin'; I just really like the app and thought that I would share.

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