Thursday, October 1, 2015

Why You Shouldn't Drink Soda/ Healthy Alternatives

The fact that soda is not a healthy drink is known. However, people still continue to drink soda, which is super bad for you. I'm talking about the people who drink it daily or multiple times a week, not once every few months (it's okay on occasion!). I feel like people don't know what soda does to negatively affect them, so I'm here to tell you why soda is bad for you!

Dissolves Tooth Enamel
Soda dissolves tooth enamel, the coating on the outside of your teeth. When it dissolves, it causes teeth to become more sensitive. Also, soda stains teeth, and nobody wants stained teeth!

Sugary soda is one of the leading causes of type 2 diabetes.

No Benefits.
There are literally no benefits from drinking soda. It adds nothing nutritionally to your diet (except for sugar).

Sugary Soda Can Be Addictive.
For a lot of people, drinking soda can be addictive, and they have a hard time stopping, so do yourself a favor and don't become addicted.

How to slowly stop drinking soda:
If you drink a soda everyday, cut it down to 4 for  a week, 3 the next week, and so on - eventually you will get to 0! Also, if there are other people in your house who drink soda, challenge them to stop drinking them as well. If you don't see the soda, you won't be as tempted to drink it!

Healthy alternatives:
- Water (water is the best thing you can drink- so many health benefits)- drink water out of a water bottle; for some reason, I drink way more out of a bottle than a cup!
-flavored water (try putting lemon juice and frozen blueberries in your water)
-Sparkling juices, such as IZEE (pictured above)
-Lemonades, other fruit juices

What is your favorite drink? 


  1. I cut soda out of my diet two years ago and while it definitely was hard, I don't ever crave soda anymore. Since then, I love drinking Arnold Palmers or just sweet tea instead of a Coke like before!


    1. That's great Katie! Glad that you found healthier substitutes!