Thursday, June 25, 2015

Santa Barbara Day 3

On the morning of our third and last day in Santa Barbara, my mom wanted to take a walk over to the "Funk Zone", and so we did. On our way out, I spotted these pretty flowers, and thought they deserved a pic.

 There was a really cool antique/vintage store in the "Funk Zone", and I could've walked around for much longer than we did.
Look how cool this stuff is!
After, my mom and I went to this super trendy coffee shop called The French press. I got a soy vanilla latte.

 Yay for latte art! My mom got a chai tea latte. 

California traffic is awwffuulll, so to avoid this, we attempted to not drive home until later in the day, after rush hour. So to avoid this, we stopped at a beach on our way out of town.
The beach wasn't as nice as some of the ones in SoCal, but it was still nice.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about our trip to Santa Barbara. Here's Day 1 and Day 2, if you missed them. I am going to be camping for 4-ish days, so there won't be any posts, until I get back. Sorry!


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