Monday, July 25, 2016

Georgetown University Tour

Hey everyone! I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I have been really trying to focus on getting my summer project done, so I left blogging on the back-burner. Today I will be sharing some pictures from a tour of Georgetown University that my soccer team and I went on around two and half weeks ago. 

Georgetown University is located in the neighborhood of Georgetown in Washington DC, and is situated on the Potomac River. It has an undergraduate enrollment of around 7600 students. 

This was my favorite building on campus!

This is the view from the football field looking up at the business school.

There were definitely different materials used to build the various buildings on campus.

Here's the view from some student housing- not too shabby!

The campus has a lot of open green space, and this particular building reminds me of Princeton!

This is the view looking down at the football field from above.

These houses are the cutest, and they're just across the street from GU!

Overall, the campus is super pretty and the town of Georgetown is really cute. Georgetown University is pretty rigorous academically, and is comparable to an Ivy League school. It was interesting to visit another college after committing to Colorado, but I know that i made the right choice!


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