Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My Favorite Instagram Accounts

Instagram is probably my favorite social media. I like the more visual forms of social media. During my time spent on Instagram, I have come across a few must follow accounts, and I thought I should share.

The owner of this account, Brandon, walks around New York City and photographs people that he meets. While taking the photo, he interviews them. The interview then becomes the caption, and it's super interesting to read all of the different stories.

Alex is a graphic designer at Madewell, meaning that her feed is perfection. Her style and lifestyle really show through her pictures, and I loooovve her feed.

Danielle is a youtuber whom I love. Her style is great (sometimes she posts ootd's) and she is overall a very happy and positive person, which you can tell from looking at her feed. Plus, she lives in a beautiful area of Florida, and her pictures make me envy this.

@sarahkjp @kjp @audreyclaire2 @jennasweeney3
Sarah and Keil are the mains when it comes to KJP, but sometimes Audrey and Jenna tag along for their adventures and photoshoots, which look so fun. Their posts are full of preppy fashion, which makes it even better.

If you are a girl and are somewhat active/a fan of Nike, following this account is a must. It has pics of the super cute gear, along with pics that make you want to get up and workout.

What are your favorite Instagram accounts?
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