Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 3 #BloggersBTS: How I Organize My Desk

Hey guys! I'm back from my vacation which means that there will be many posts about it in the near future, but today is Monday, which means #BloggersBTS link-up is taking place! This weeks theme (I can't believe it's already the third week of August and that I start school next Monday!) is desks, so I'm sharing a "tour" of my desk, and how I organize it. Enjoy!

 Here is a wide view of my whole desk area. Sorry it's a little dark, the lighting was bad. 

 To the left of my window I have a cork frame thing that is filled with pictures of me with my friends and family. I need to switch these pictures out, because a lot of them are from 7th grade *cringes*.

 To the right of my window I have a map that is lined with cork. I put pins everywhere that I have been in the US, which is the Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest. 

*almost falls off desk chair to get pic*

 Instead of having junk drawers (my desk doesn't have drawers) I have junk magazine organizers that are filled with papers that I should probably throw away. I have sticky notes, a cup with writing utensils, and a mini stapler on top of my desk.

A lamp is essential for late-night studying, and a candle is great for calming you down when stressing. I also keep this journal that is super cool (check it out here) so that I remember to do it each day. 

Basically my desk has these two shelves (no longer available) and a top that makes the desk. I like to use cups to organize colored pencils and markers. I use these bins from Ikea to store random bits and bobbles, and pouches to store extra school supplies. 

I have another bin that has other desk essentials like scissors, a glue stick, and wite-out. I also keep rulers and a lighter for my candle. On the bottom, I keep my textbooks (we get a set to take home at the beginning of the school-year and each classroom has a set because we don't have lockers), but during the summer I have last years workbooks and Smashbooks which are really cool scrapbooks!

Here's another view of the top of my desk. I really like how big and spacious it is. I usually keep my laptop on my desk, for both blogging and schoolwork. I also like to keep water and a snack on my desk. 

I hope this was helpful! Let me know what your top desk essentials are in the comments below!



  1. Your desk is so big and I love how it's right in front of the window!
    xo, Syd

  2. Love this peek into your room! I recently just got new pictures to hang in my room, but before that mine were so old!


    1. Thanks Katie! I need to replace mine!