Thursday, October 29, 2015

Bad Hair Day Hairstyles

We all have those days where our hair doesn't cooperate and simply leaving it down will not do. Here are a few super cute hairstyles that you can do when you have a bad hair day!

Spice up a simple ponytail by adding a ribbon and pulling out a few pieces to frame your face.

One of my favorite hairstyles is to pull chunks of hair from above my ear and pull them back, but it can so easily be transformed into a cute bun.

Instead of doing a french braid or a ponytail, you can combine it into one! Simply tie off your hair when it gets to the top of your neck.

This hairstyle is a lot easier than it looks! Start at the top of one side of your head and grab a small section of hair. Twist it inwards and grab a lower section of hair until you get to the other side, at which point you put it into a bun.

What is your go-to hairstyle when you have a bad hair day?


  1. I especially with the last one! I know what I'm going to attempt tomorrow!

    xo, Elly