Friday, November 6, 2015

October Favorites

Okay, is it just me or did October fly by?? It's crazy that it's November already, but I am quite excited! November and December are by far my favorite months, and it's starting to cool down here after a much extended summer. Here's what I loved in October!

one: Booties
Okay, I'm sorry for talking about these booties non-stop; I just can't help myself! For the price, they are great quality and are super cute! Unfortunately, they are no longer on Forever 21's website, but check in stores (there are so many other cute pairs of booties there too!). 

two: Baking
In fall and winter I find myself baking more. Lately I have been making these apple chips, festive sugar cookies, pumpkin muffins, and pumpkin cranberry scones. I can't wait to try some new fall recipes this month!

three: pumpkins
If you follow me on instagram (@lotsoflys), then you may have seen a few pictures featuring pumpkins! I have a cute mini pumpkin (literally the size of the grapefruit) on my desk at home, and I just find it so fun to decorate with pumpkins! Carving pumpkins is also super enjoyable, and overall I just love pumpkins and the fall vibe that they carry with them. 




  1. These are great favorites Alyssa! Those apple chips look so yummy, I really need to take time to bake more often!


    1. Thanks Katie! You definitely should make the apple chips!