Sunday, April 5, 2015

Why I Love Crossfit

In November, I started doing crossfit. When I first began, a few of my soccer teammates and I did a beginners class that especially focused on technique and learning how to do everything correctly. Around 2 months ago, I transitioned to the regular adult classes, and I love it. Today I'm going to be sharing with you guys why I love crossfit.

(thanks Mom, for the action shot)


Crossfit is a nice break from team sports where it takes a group 's efforts to succeed. In crossfit, you do as well as you want to. Your success is based on how hard you work, not the people around you. In the beginners class, we did do some partner workouts, but in the normal classes everything is individual.


Since I began crossfit, I have not done a workout twice. This helps keep things interesting, and helps you to stay excited. Your muscles will not get used to any workout, so each week is a challenge.


As crazy and strange as it may seem, I really enjoy crossfit and look forward to it throughout the day. Although it is hard, the workouts are situated in a way that make them fun (it helps if you have a friend in the class as well!).

The Environment

The environment at crossfit is the best. The instructors are very encouraging and make sure to tell you when you are doing things well or correctly, or they will correct you when your moves could use adjustments. The other crossfitters (not sure if that's a word?) are friendly and often give me high fives after the session.

Good For You!

Crossfit is an awesome workout for all over your body. It helps tone and strengthen your abs, arms, and legs. Your agility will improve, and so will your speed.

Would you ever try crossfit?


  1. Love this post! I've been thinking about doing crossfit for a while!

    1. Thanks, definitely give it a try sometime!