Monday, May 16, 2016

Las Vegas Recap

Hey everyone! This past weekend, my parents and I ventured to Las Vegas for soccer. Unlike previous times, this trip we actually had time to walk around the strip and explore. 

On Saturday, we arrived in Vegas and we drove to this sign. There was a surprisingly long line to take a picture under it, so I kind of stood off to the side and took one. 

We didn't stay on the strip, but we were a short uber ride away! This was the view from the rooftop pool of our hotel. 

We walked around the Wynn, which was really pretty. There were a bunch of fancy stores, and those "balls" hanging from the trees are bunches of flowers!

This carousel was completely covered in flowers- so pretty!

There was a little pond area, and every few minutes the fountain would come on, spraying water up.

We went on a quest through the Venetian to find Carlo's Bake Shop. They have this indoor canal and Italian scene, which is just so cute. 

I hope you enjoyed some snaps from Las Vegas!


  1. Nice post! I have never been to Las Vegas before but it looks so pretty.

    1. Thanks Róisín! Vegas is definitely unique and very fun!