Monday, May 23, 2016

What's On My iPhone 6?

Hi everyone, and happy Monday! For some reason I love watching "what's in/on my _______" videos, so I decided to do my own post! Hopefully you can learn about some new apps and just get a look into my phone. 

Here is my home screen. It is incredibly boring, and I like to keep it the same way that it looks when you originally get it. I hate having tons of unread emails, so I always make sure to stay on top of them (all of them are read, but for some reason it says there's one unread...). 

Here's the 2nd page, which has all of the apps that I've downloaded on my phone. I also keep an "Extras" folder, which includes the apps that come with my phone that I don't ever use. A lot of the apps that I have are pretty standard (Instagram : @lotsoflys, Twitter: @lotsoflys, Snapchat: Lotsoflys). I thought I would go into detail on the apps that are most likely unfamiliar to many. 

VSCO: This is how I edit all of my IG pictures. You can read about how I specifically edit them here

Bloglovin': I absolutely love Bloglovin'! You can follow all of your favorite blogs (just search "Lots of Lys, if you're interested), and each time they publish a new post, it will show up in your "feed". I love reading all of the new posts each morning as I eat breakfast. 

Think Dirty: Contrary to what the name suggests (...), this app rates beauty and "bathroom" products on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the "dirtiest". It rates them based on the chemicals that are in them, and it's really interesting to see just what is in your favorite products! My "bathroom shelf" has a rating of 8- can you beat me?

Follow Meter: If you have multiple IG's like me (I think most bloggers do), it can be a struggle to keep everything updated. This app helps to organize multiple accounts. 

Stop: At a soccer team dinner last season. one of the girls had downloaded Stop. It's basically a game where you have to fill categories with words that begin with a certain letter. Let's just say that the dinner quickly became a Stop war. It's really fun to play against friends!

My Fitness Pal: I log all of my food to make sure that I'm getting all of my recommended protein and iron on a vegetarian diet!

FitBit: I love my FitBit, and I actually did a whole post about it here. The app is where you see how many steps you've take, how active you were, and how long you slept!

PHHHOTO: This app is similar to Boomerang, and it became really popular at my school. It basically takes a moving picture of something that's moving (great explanation, Alyssa).

What are your favorite apps on your iPhone?


  1. Great Post Alyssa ! I definitely have to check out some of the apps you mentioned, like Stop sounds like such a fun game that I will be addicted to very soon !!