Monday, August 22, 2016

First Day of Sophomore Year

Hey everyone! Along with many others, I started school today! Today was my first day of sophomore year, and it was fairly similar to last year's first day, except I knew where everything was, and I didn't get lost. I thought I would share my initial impression of each class because it's super fun to reread these at the end of the year.

{classic before-school pic}

1. Honors Math Analysis

I started my day off with math, which isn't ideal, but isn't the worst thing. Thanks to a seating chart I sat in the very back, but forgot my glasses, so I couldn't see much (don't worry- they're packed and ready for tomorrow). There were seniors in this class, as well as 3 of my friends. I think this class will be good as I like my teacher. 

2. Spanish 2

I have one friend in this class. I certainly forgot a lot of my Spanish over the summer, as I didn't have any opportunity to practice it, so I do need to review. My teacher seems nice, and she is my only female teacher. She said she doesn't like homework so (:  

3. Honors Chemistry

This teacher is ... odd. Is it just me, or are science teachers always a little strange? I have 3 friends in this class, as well as a bunch of other people I know, so at least the people in the class are nice. 

4. Honors English 2

My English teacher seems really cool (I mean, he told us all to follow him on Insta so...). We're reading a bunch of books this year; 10, I believe. I have one friend in this class, but a couple other friends have him in 5th period so we can help each other out. 

5. AP European History

I think this class might be my favorite, as well at the most challenging. It's my first AP class (!!), and I have 5 friends in this class, but I know almost everyone in the class. The teacher seems like a good one, and really stressed the fact of preparing for the AP test which makes me nervous.

6. Varsity Soccer

I had this class last year, and I'm excited for this year's season. Hopefully we'll have a better season than last year. This counts as my PE credit, but it's better because i enjoy it.

How was your first day of school?


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