Monday, August 24, 2015

First Day of High School:Recap

Hey guys! I know today is Monday, and for the past few weeks that has meant that #BloggersBTS is going on! I decided to sit this one out (but I'm linking a few of my fave DIY posts from this week down below) because to be honest, DIY is not my forte. I will be back next Monday with a #BloggersBTS post, but for today I'm going to talk about my first day of high school.

The morning started off with me waking up in a great mood because I was super excited for the first day #typical. After getting ready, we picked up my friends (who were not as excited as me) and drove to school. We walked in the gates (and were greeted by very peppy cheerleaders) and made our way over to where the administration office was. My school is kinda strange- on registration, you get a schedule that lists the classes that you will be taking, but you don't know the teachers or rooms that you have until the first day. We all found are names and hung out with friends until the bell rang. 

1. Honors Biology

Thankfully one of my best friends and I have this class together. We walked over and snatched seats next to each other. Where I live, there are 2 junior highs that feed into 1 high school, so there are many new faces. However, in this class, it was mostly kids that I knew from my junior high, and I have a feeling that Bio is going to be one of my faves. 

2. PE

PE is always something that I have enjoyed because I'm very athletic. However, I am not excited about PE this year, because our first unit is swimming (having wet hair for the whole day is not ideal). I am supposed to be switched out of this class and put into the soccer PE class which is 6th period, but we'll see. 

3. Honors Algebra 2

I was a little nervous about this class after struggling to realize that it was upstairs, but I think I will also like this class. Math is my favorite subject, and I think that this class will be a good challenge for me. It has 2 of my best friends in it, a bunch of sophomores (yay...), and a super nice teacher. 

4. Lunch

After finding out that 97% of everyone I knew had 2nd lunch, I was not looking forward to attempting to find anyone I knew in the crowds of kids. My school has 3,700 kids, so 1,850 at each lunch, which is a lot. I was beginning to worry that I would have to pull a Cady Heron and eat lunch in the bathroom, but luckily I spotted one of my friends who I hadn't seen all day and we ate our lunch at a table in the sun and I was literally melting. We ventured into the grassy quad where we found about 5 other friends, so now I have a lunch group.

5. Honors World History

The teacher of this class is good friends with my dad, so I knew that the teacher would not be a problem. I have 5ish friends in this class which is a perfect size for a study group (a study method my teacher recommends). I'm excited for history this year, but I think that it will be a lot of work and that it will be important to stay on top of everything.

6. Honors English

This class is probably by least favorite, if I had to pick one, but it's definitely not that bad. I grabbed a seat by one of my best friends, and we were greeted by a teacher that I'm not crazy about (and had heard bad things about) but I think that everything will be okay. We had a test on the book that we read for our summer project, which was a surprise, but I think I did well. 

7. Spanish 1

This. Teacher. Is. Awesome. He's super funny and made me laugh all throughout class. I'm not sure how good I'm going to be at Spanish (probably not very) but his class is fun (except the "I call on everyone" philosophy). If I do have to switch out of this class to get my PE fixed, I really hope that he has a period 2 Spanish 1 class!

I really enjoyed my first day and I'm excited for this school year and for the rest of high school!




  1. Ah good luck on your freshmen year Alyssa! I'm actually taking Bio too this year (my school switches it so you take physics as a freshmen then bio as a junior)!


    1. Thanks Katie! How cool that we're talking the same class!!