Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Packing Tips

I love travel and packing. I find it so fun to plan out outfits for my trip, and packing gets me even more excited for travel. However, packing can be difficult and stressful (*tries to pack whole closet into carry-on*). But fear not, because I am here to help!

Take Only A Carry-On

As easy as it can be to get carried away with packing and pack your whole wardrobe, if you take a carry-on sized suitcase, you will save a few bucks by not checking a bag, and it will keep you from overpacking because you have limited space. A win-win situation!

Roll Your Clothes

Rolling clothes saves a lot of space and allows for more clothes to fit. Unless you have something that wrinkles really easily (and you won't have any way to iron it) you should roll every item you are taking as tightly as you can.

Use Hollow Items

Shoes take up a lot of space. The best thing about packing shoes is that they are hollow, meaning that you can place things inside. If you don't already, place rolled socks, swim suits, or underwear in your shoes to use all the space.

Wear Your Bulkiest Shoes On The Plane

Like I mentioned above, shoes take up a lot of space. To ensure that everything fits in your suitcase, wear your largest shoes on the plane. For example, if you are taking sneakers, boots and sandals, wear your boots on the plane (although they might not be the most convenient for security) and pack your sneakers and sandals because they are more compact.

Bring Only What You Need

This may seem obvious, but overpacking can be an issue. I've seen people bring both a curling iron and a straightener for a 3-day vacation. Instead, just pick one (you can actually curl you hair with a straightener- tutorial here)! Think of ways to minimize your packing- do I really need 3 jackets, or could I make do with 2?, etc.

I hope this was helpful! Happy packing!



  1. I totally agree with rolling your clothes! I did that for my trip to NY and I fit a TON of clothes in my medium-size suitcase! I'll have to save these tips for my next trip!


    1. Glad to know that these tips work! I'm happy that you found this helpful!