Wednesday, July 1, 2015

4th of July Outfit Ideas

I can't believe that July is here, and that I have less than two months until school starts once again! Because today is July 1st, 4th of July is just a few short days away! Therefore, I dug around in my closet and found my most patriotic and American clothes, and created some outfits that are perfect for the upcoming holiday!

= Outfit 1 =

dress (color is unavailable) | jacket (similar) | bracelet | shoes | nails
This dress is a soft shift dress, which is perfect for summer. I added a jean jacket which makes it much cuter,  and it's perfect if you will be spending 4th of July somewhere cool. My white Converse are so comfy and I lovvveee them. 

= Outfit 2 =

shirt (color is unavailable) | shorts (thrifted jeans that I cut) | necklace | shoes
This outfit is super casual, and is something that I often sport at school. This 3/4 length-sleeve tee is great when tucked into jean shorts. My monogrammed necklace dresses up the look a bit.
= Outfit 3 =

shirt (old from Hollister) | shorts | shoes | bracelet
I have had this shirt for forever, and I have never really worn it. I thought that it would look cute with some white shorts, for yet another casual outfit.
Which outfit is your favorite?


  1. Oh gosh, don't remind me that school is coming up soon! This outfits are too cute!


    1. Thanks Katie! Ugh, I'm not excited for school either, sigh.