Thursday, July 23, 2015

All About My Glasses

I don't think I have mentioned it on here before, but I wear glasses. They're not full-time glasses, so I usually only wear them during school.  I'm near-sighted, which means that I can see perfectly fine up close, but struggle to see the board from the back of a classroom. I ordered my glasses a year ago before school started, and I thought I should talk about them.

{I love Madewell's eyeglass cases (on sale)! Here is my fave}

 {these are the "Amber" glasses. They're matte tortoise shell glasses, with wooden arms; these are no longer carried; similar here}

 {these are all black "Nikolskoye" glasses, that are no longer carried :( similar here}
 I have two pairs of glasses because Eye Buy Direct was having an awesome sale when I purchased them! If you are in need of glasses, I highly recommend this site. I love my glasses, and I like having two pairs so I can match my outfit (#noshame). The glasses each came with a case, but I wanted a sturdier one, so I purchased this one from Madewell. I love it!
I hope you guys found this post helpful!
Do you wear glasses?

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