Monday, June 13, 2016

Travel Diary: Colorado

Hey everyone! I'm so happy to finally be on summer break and to get back to blogging! During the last week of May, my parents and I went to Colorado. I had never been, and I had an amazing time. We went to Denver and Boulder, and I thought I would share some pictures!

Day 1

We flew into Denver, and spent an hour exploring the city before getting a rental care and driving up to Boulder.

We stopped and walked around the University of Denver, which was so cute! It really reminded me of a small east coast school.

The main purpose of our trip was to see the University of Colorado Boulder, so we drove up and looked around the campus. The next day (Day 2) we took a tour, and I will have a post coming soon with all of the pictures from CU Boulder's campus! The night of our tour we went up to Pearl Street and ate dinner and did some window shopping. 

Day 3

The next morning we went to the Buff for breakfast after a very exciting morning (more on that to come). I ordered the french toast and it was so good!

That afternoon we drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park. It was so pretty and we had a few wildlife sightings!

How cool is this frozen lake? 

Day 4

We started off the morning with a trip to the Boulder Farmer's Market.

So many people rode their bikes to the Farmer's Market!

Every Saturday, a goat farm on the outskirts of Boulder opens to the public for visiting! We went and were able to visit the goats.

This little guy was only a little over one week old!

Some of the older goats were really social and would just hop on your lap.

The goat farm also had flower fields.

Mountain Flower Goat Dairy Farm is so pretty!

That afternoon we drove up by Chataqua Park and went up into the mountains. You got a really good view of Boulder, as well as CU's campus.

 Day 5

On our last day we went to the Alpine Modern Cafe for breakfast. We all had pastries, and the cafe is so cute! After, we drove to CU for one last look at the campus. We then began our descent to Denver. We took a few pictures at the capital building and then began our journey home!

Thank you so much for reading! I know this post was a long one. Make sure to keep your eyes out for a post with all of the pictures from University of Colorado Boulder, along with an exciting announcement!