Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sun-Protection Products

Hey everyone! Now that it is summer, everyone is spending more time outside. If you are like me, this also means that you are getting sunburned! During the summer time especially, I make sure to wear sunscreen as much as possible in order to avoid getting sunburned. Here's the products I use!

Coppertone Sport SPF 30
This is my favorite "body" sunscreen, and I always put this on my arms and legs before soccer games. It's not too sticky and gets the job done.

Zinka Colored Nosecoat
I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but my nose is always getting sunburned! I have come to the conclusion that most "sport" sunscreens don't really stay on when I'm sweaty, so I have been using Zinka! Zinka is what is used by a lot of surfers, and can be purchased in surf shops. It's basically a thick colored sunscreen (you can get different colors to match your team), and it really protects from the sun!

Coola Sport SPF 50 Classic Sunscreen- White Tea
I received this sunscreen in a Birchbox, and I really like it. I hate facial sunscreens that are really greasy and oily, so I liked that this one is more of a moisturizer consistency. It smells super good and is perfect for wearing beneath makeup.

Coola Face SPF 30 Matte Tint Natural BB Cream
I also received this in a Birchbox, and I switch off between this one and the one above. The main difference is that this one is labeled as a BB Cream. It does have a tint, but the coverage is so minimal that it's not really noticeable. It is matte, so it doesn't leave your face looking greasy.

Nivea Lip Balm SPF 15
I had never really known that lips can get sunburned, but they can! It's super annoying when they do, and that's why it's important to wear lip balm with SPF. This one tastes really good, and I would definitely recommend!

What are your favorite sun protection products?

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