Monday, September 14, 2015

My Bathroom Tour

After cleaning my bathroom, I thought that it would be a fun post to give you guys a tour of my bathroom, so that you may be able to get organization ideas. I hope you guys enjoy!

I'm an only child so I have my own bathroom which is very nice. It's a short walk from my bedroom.

My color scheme for my bathroom is brown, pink and white.

My favorite soap is the Bath and Body Works foaming soap. This one is Japanese Cherry Blossom and it smells so good!

In the mirrored cabinet I keep things that I still reach for, just not daily. I have nail polish remover, detangler, Sun In, dry shampoo, a little jar of makeup, and a few other miscellaneous items. 

In between my two sinks I have a vintage tray where I keep all of the products that I use on a daily basis. This way they are easy to reach and I don't have to dig through drawers to find stuff. 

Below the counter-top, there are three drawers where I store even more. 

The top drawer is my hair drawer. I keep all of my brushes and combs in a container. I also have a mini curling iron, pre-wrap, and hair-ties.

This is my nail drawer. I store all of my nail polish in a plastic container and I also have tea-tree oil (for your cuticles) and a nail art pen.

In the bottom drawer I have my straightener and my curling wand, empty Lush containers (you can take them back to the store and recycle them!) and all of my travel size products.

In my bathtub/shower, I keep shaving cream a razor and a loofa (pink, of course!).

In the other corner of the tub I have my favorite scrub ever! I use it every time I shower!

I keep my shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask in a pink "tub" from Bath and Body Works on the edge of my tub.

I keep an assortment of loofas in a basket between the tub and the shower.

Here's the view of the shower/toilet section of my bathroom from the sink/cabinet section. I love my shower curtain!

I hope you guys enjoyed this "behind-the-scenes" type of post!


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