Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Recap: Boston and Cape Cod

Our third stop of our trip was Boston! Boston was probably my favorite city of the whole trip-I loved it! It still had a bustling city feel while managing to feel a little less city-like than NYC, which is great because city life can get tiring sometimes. We spent 3 days (and one day getting there) in the Boston area and drove down and spent the day in Cape Cod for one of them. 

Day 1:
We drove from NYC to Boston and stopped at Yale University.

We spent about half an hour casually walking around the campus. The architecture is so pretty and impressive!

 "Ivy" League- hahaha

 It rained this day so the campus was looking a tad gloomy, but still pretty!

Day 2:
We walked the Freedom Trail and explored much of historic Boston.

{outfit post from this day here)

 Bunker Hill Momument

 This is the cutest street EVER! I'm obsessed. (Acorn St., Beacon Hill)

The Boston Common was so pretty and peaceful.

My mom and I rode the swan boats around the little pond.

Day 3:
We drove down to Cape Cod and spent the day there.

 What's a trip to Cape Cod without some pics of hydrangeas??

 Feeling like Gray Malin.

Cape Cod is absolutely stunning.

 We ate lunch and sat on the beach of this pond/lake. Those houses on the lake are seriously #housegoals.


Day 4:
We spent the day exploring Harvard University and Boston College.

 We took a walking tour of Harvard and it was great to get some information that we otherwise wouldn't have known otherwise, such as rubbing this statue's toe is good luck!

 {outfit post from this day here}

*heart eyes emoji*

 Our second college of the day was Boston College, which is located about 5 miles west of downtown Boston. We wandered around the campus and admired the the buildings and grounds!

 How pretty is this??

  It's safe to say that I'm obsessed with Boston College (class of '23?)!

I am so in love with Boston and I want to back now! I hope I have the chance to go back sometime soon!


P.S. Missed the other cities from my trip? Here's Philadelphia and NYC!


  1. Oh my gosh, I love Boston (although I don't think I could handle their winters!).


    1. Isn't Boston the best?? I would probably freeze in the winter!